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Key Facts
Publication: 10 times per year
Language: German
Distribution: more than 12,200 copies per issue(IVW)
approx. 95 % are German speaking recipients


The recipients of packREPORT are the decision-makers who are closely involved in the investment process. Every issue of packREPORT is distributed very pinpointed.

Target market Readers*
Food/nonfood/beverages and semiluxury food 5,740
Pharmaceutical/chemical/cosmetics 3,480
Manufacturers of machines 1,361
Manufacturers of consumer goods 106
Manufacturers of packages and packacking aids 462
Other branches 686
Recipient structure Readers*
Management (manager/board/area manager/department head with procuration) 5,750
factory/works manager (technical) 1,420
head of department 3,615
Employee (technical + commercial) 520
Clerk/specialist/department 530

*Excerpt from the recipient structure from the publisher census November 2017

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Editorial plans

The editorial stuff is close to the market and always in the packaging market.Self researched and questioned result the following topics about all issues per year. Always taking into account the needs of the packacking-intensic industries such as food, nonfood, beverages and semiluxury food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics.

Packagings / displays
Packaging machines / robotics
Quality assurance
Labelling / marking / coding
Weighing / dosing
End packaging / palletising
Intralogistics: transport / shelve / convey
Recycling / disposal
Marketing / design

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Advertising Prices

We provide you with customized marketing opportunities for your market presence in the packaging industry. Cross-media and tailored to your needs – print and online.
Benefit from individual packages.

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