The 5th TRENDBOOK Technical Textiles is an international compendium for the entire management level of manufacturers and suppliers of technical textiles as well as the users will appear in July 2018 with a new, changed concept – both in English and in German.

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Key Facts
Publication: biennial
Language: English and German
Distribution: 2,000 copies
Price per copy: € 149,00


The recipients are personalized decision-makers from the following areas:

Manufacturers and suppliers of technical fibers and textiles 450 copies
Users 900 copies
Of which Occupational safety industry, automotive industry, construction industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, filtration, plastics processing, agriculture, mechanical engineering, medicine / hygiene, smart clothes, sporting goods, nonwovens industry 550 copies
Associations 50 copies
Research institutes 50 copies
Government ministries 50 copies
Universities and institutes of higher education 100 copies
Consulting engineers 100 copies
Paid circulation 650 copies

Content Structure

Trends & Forecasts with 4 leading themes
• Production (production processes, 3D printing, environmentally
friendly materials & processes)
• Mobility
• Life (mega-cities, medicine)
• Re-Vision/Re-Cycling (recycling, upcycling)
Within these 4 subject blocks, the leading themes as well as their importance for the areas of fi bers, technical textiles, nonwovens and fi nishing will be highlighted. This means: In the trend leading theme blocks the textile segments will be featured.
Furthermore, start-ups with a textile focus will be presented.

NEW Editorial Part TEAMWORK:
This is where a company can present a project which it has undertaken with a partner. This can take the form, for example, of
the combination of mechanical engineering, technology, fiber and fabric. A further example could also be the presentation of a
cooperation in the direction of the end-user.
AIM: Representation of the affinity of the dynamic sector of technical textiles and its partners for individual solution approaches.

Company profiles

The section Company Profiles is reserved for company presentation – with NEW CONCEPTION..In this 2nd section of the Trendbook, you have the possibility to position yourself on a 1, 2 or 4-page spread with your specific products or technologies, with reference to the above-mentioned 4 leading themes of Production, Mobility, Life und Re-Vision.
The company profiles are subject to charges and are supported editorially and in terms of layout by the publishing house.

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Trial of TRENDBOOK Technical Textiles 2018/2019
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