The ENTSORGA-Magazin is the market-leading trade journal for the management of the entire spectrum of municipal and industrial environmental protection and is regarded as the mouthpiece of the industry.

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Key Facts
Publication: 6 times per year
Language: German
Distribustion: Approx. 10,200 copies per issue (IVW)
Approx. 95% are German-speaking recipients

Target group

The recipients of Management magazine ENTSORGA are decision-makers who are directly involved in the investment process. Each issue of ENTSORGA-Magazin is target group oriented – depending on the main focus area.

Relevant target group Readers*
Recycling, Disposal, Waste Treatment 23,5 %
Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Vehicle Construction, Traffic, Transport 18,5 %
Waste Water, Sewage Treatment Plants 9,9 %
Mineral Oil Processing, Chemical Industry 9,4 %
Public Administration 11,2 %

*Source: dfv in-house census, August 14, 2020

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Editorial Program

The editorial team is close to the market, and always present wherever there is something new: the subjects covered in the issues throughout the year result from research with an ear to the ground – always taking into account the needs of municipal and industrial environmental protection.

Permanent topics:
Waste management / recycling technology
Collection, sorting and exploitation of recyclables
Water / wastewater (industrial and municipal sewage treatment)
Pump technology
Air pollution control / filter technology / flue gas cleaning
Contaminated site & landfill remediation / soil protection
Energy (efficiency / power generation from waste, biogas and biomass)
Commercial vehicles (automotive engineering and vehicle bodies)
Occupational health & safety / fire protection
Street cleaning / winter service
Measurement and control technology

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Advertising Prices

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